Friday, April 14, 2017

Line means more than outlines...

Line means more than outlines

North Shore Mantra                                                                    24x48" oil on linen

In addition to defining the contours of a shape or mass, line has the power to indicate a visual path in a variety of ways. Notice the way in which LINE is used in North Shore Mantra. It establishes a pace for the viewer’s eye to move through the painting! Like a mantra, the slow repetition of the long, nearly horizontal lines is soothing and corresponds to the auditory memory of the waves against the shore below. We are led up the visual ladder from lower foreground into the upper part of the painting as these lines increase in interest and definition, culminating at the distant windswept breaker - the centerpiece of my story. The trailing foam is the rhythm line atop the horizontal bands, and reinforces the diagonal “H” armature holding the composition together.

(Excerpt from my new and improved "Master Class Handbook" ;) 

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