Friday, January 8, 2021


  • We get better at analyzing what is important to us.
  • We can nearly finish a painting in our head.
  • We can gather information without a brush in our hand.
  • We can get the most out of our field studies by comparing them to what we remember: studying, analyzing and deconstructing them---(what we learned at the feet of nature.) This gives us more clarity both in the studio and the next time we go out.
  • Clarity saves time and helps to create more powerful paintings.
  • We can finish our studies away from the subject better, or if conditions change.
  • We won’t let photographs screw up a good start… in most cases we won’t need them, and if we feel that we do, we know how to use them.
  • We can also develop our memory of the great paintings we see in museums, and teach ourselves in the same manner as in front of nature.

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